MapleBarLet’s pretend we’re a graphic design firm, and we’ve had a slew of clients contact us for re-branding of their business.  This is a massive overhauling, but it will redefine how a business looks and hopefully bring in more traffic.

You will becoming up with a business and creating a design portfolio containing:

[PLEASE NOTE: I’m re-linking some of the content, so you may need to check back for the examples to be loaded.]

  • A base logo
    • 1000x1000px or 1000x1500px, 300 dpi, transparent background
    • Uses a 2-3 color scheme
    • Incorporates what the business does (i.e., Burger King has a bun in its logo)
    • Unique font combination
      • Appropriate font selection (A security company wouldn’t use script)
      • One serif/one sans-serif
    • A slogan
    • My example is above
    • Design brief, written as a professional letter (including heading, addressing, and closing): In writing, you need to explain your thought process behind the base logo.  Topics that need to be covered:
      • Why this design?
      • Why these colors?
      • Why these fonts?
      • Why this slogan?
      • How did your incorporate what the business does?
      • What does this logo say to the customer?
      • How is it appropriate for this business?
  • A letterhead
    • 8.5×11″, 300 dpi, white background
    • Top design, incorporate base logo,  8.5×2″
    • Bottom design: contact info 8.5×1″
    • Include slogan
    • Example here
  • Business Promo T-shirt
    Incorporate your base logo

    • Include a related graphic
    • Include slogan
    • T-shirt should be the same as one of the base colors (saves on ink!)
    • Take the design and make a mock up of your shirt for an example.
    • Here’s an example
  • Magazine Ad
    • 8.5×11″, 300 dpi background of your choice
    • Flashy
    • Includes base logo
    • Includes slogan
    • Audience-appropriate
  • Van Wrap
    • I’ll give you the filemaple van
    • Incorporate your base design
    • Make it flashy and attractive
      • Include a background
    • Includes contact info
    • Includes slogan
    • Here’s the van file
    • Use a layer mask
  • Portfolio sheet
    • The collection of your designs on a 8.5×11″ sheet
    • Each Image labeled
    • Your Logo write-up included
  • Pitch
    • Bring a copy of your portfolio for each member (18)
    • 4 Minute presentation
      • 2 minutes on your base logo, it’s meaning, why its effective
      • 2 minutes on how you applied it to the other aspects of the portfolio
    • Treat this as a sales pitch, convince us of why your idea is dynamic, we should go with your design.  You should be enthusiastic and professional, using design-specific language.


Businesses, colors and emotions

The importance of fonts

The psychology of shapes

Logos with hidden messages

Senior Ads

It’s time to put your photo-editing to use.Senior Ad Kari Hunter

You’re going to create a set senior ad, like you’d find in a yearbook.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Portrait of someone who looks like a high school student
  • 1 Portrait of a child that looks like they could be the above student
  • 1 Baby portrait

What you’ll be doing:

  • Edit the photo, touch it up, make it pop–use adjustment layers and isolation with adjustment layers
  • Create a logical design that is eye catching.
  • Make up a name for the student, use that as the dominant title
  • Create a short (40+ word) message that a parent would write to their child
  • Use textures and digital papers to stylize your design.

Things to consider:

You’ll produce 3 documents

  • 4.25×2.75″ (1/8th page)
  • 4.25×5.5″ (1/4th page)
  • 8.5×5.5′ (1/2 page)
  • They will have a similar look, but you’ll need to pare down the materials to maintain a reasonable, spacious design.

CG T-shirt

CG Pride Splash ScreenHave you seen the blue t-shirts around school with the building and the word pride?  Nowis the time to start thinking about a shirt for the 2019-20 school year.  You’re restricted to only one.  It must be school spirit-oriented.  It can be anything from a phrase, picture, or both–but it has to be two colors.  The shirt color has not been determined, so when you create your designs, have a background (I would suggest, black, royal blue, gold, gray, or white).

Use  this file: Printer Set up for the base document.  Please note that the layer already in there (four circles with lines through them) should be locked, but all design aspects need to be within their boundaries.

Remember: Centering will be very important, if you don’t center your design, then it will be off-centered on the t-shirt.

You’ll be creating 2 different designs (100 points total):

  • Uses original set up document (5 points)
  • Single color (10 points)
  • No gradients (5 points)
  • School spirit oriented (10 points)
  • No abrupt edges (5 points)
  • Original (10 points)
  • .PDF file, named lastname_CGshirt.pdf (5 points)