Senior Ads

It’s time to put your photo-editing to use.Senior Ad Kari Hunter

You’re going to create a set senior ad, like you’d find in a yearbook.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Portrait of someone who looks like a high school student
  • 1 Portrait of a child that looks like they could be the above student
  • 1 Baby portrait

What you’ll be doing:

  • Edit the photo, touch it up, make it pop–use adjustment layers and isolation with adjustment layers
  • Create a logical design that is eye catching.
  • Make up a name for the student, use that as the dominant title
  • Create a short (40+ word) message that a parent would write to their child
  • Use textures and digital papers to stylize your design.

Things to consider:

You’ll produce 3 documents

  • 4.25×2.75″ (1/8th page)
  • 4.25×5.5″ (1/4th page)
  • 8.5×5.5′ (1/2 page)
  • They will have a similar look, but you’ll need to pare down the materials to maintain a reasonable, spacious design.

CG T-shirt

CG Pride Splash ScreenHave you seen the blue t-shirts around school with the building and the word pride?  Nowis the time to start thinking about a shirt for the 2019-20 school year.  You’re restricted to only one.  It must be school spirit-oriented.  It can be anything from a phrase, picture, or both–but it has to be two colors.  The shirt color has not been determined, so when you create your designs, have a background (I would suggest, black, royal blue, gold, gray, or white).

Use  this file: Printer Set up for the base document.  Please note that the layer already in there (four circles with lines through them) should be locked, but all design aspects need to be within their boundaries.

Remember: Centering will be very important, if you don’t center your design, then it will be off-centered on the t-shirt.

You’ll be creating 2 different designs (100 points total):

  • Uses original set up document (5 points)
  • Single color (10 points)
  • No gradients (5 points)
  • School spirit oriented (10 points)
  • No abrupt edges (5 points)
  • Original (10 points)
  • .PDF file, named lastname_CGshirt.pdf (5 points)

$100 ROARS poster design

We’re going to pause our snapchat filters for this week, as we just had an opportunity drop in our lap and it could win you $100 from Mr. Ingman. That’s right, this design is a paid gig for the winning poster.

Here are the perimeters:

Success ROARS!

  • 11″ w x 17″ tall, 300 DPI, transparent background (10 points)
  • A relevant background image (example: a roaring lion, the high school…) (20 points)
  • A CG logo, small and in the bottom right corner with the text: Cottage Grove High School or CGHS (10 points)
  • Original design that shows an understanding in Photoshop and its capabilities (20 points)
  • Correct spelling and grammar (10 points)
  • Must include the below text highlighting the acronym ROARS (20 points):

Success ROARS!


Complete work on time.

Be present & ready to work.


Plan ahead.

Have a system & use it.


Check your work & know your grade.

Advocate by checking in with your teachers.


Learn from the struggle.

Save as a PDF (keep the PSD file just in case) and please name it lastname_roarposter.pdf