$100 ROARS poster design

We’re going to pause our snapchat filters for this week, as we just had an opportunity drop in our lap and it could win you $100 from Mr. Ingman. That’s right, this design is a paid gig for the winning poster.

Here are the perimeters:

Success ROARS!

  • 11″ w x 17″ tall, 300 DPI, transparent background (10 points)
  • A relevant background image (example: a roaring lion, the high school…) (20 points)
  • A CG logo, small and in the bottom right corner with the text: Cottage Grove High School or CGHS (10 points)
  • Original design that shows an understanding in Photoshop and its capabilities (20 points)
  • Correct spelling and grammar (10 points)
  • Must include the below text highlighting the acronym ROARS (20 points):

Success ROARS!


Complete work on time.

Be present & ready to work.


Plan ahead.

Have a system & use it.


Check your work & know your grade.

Advocate by checking in with your teachers.


Learn from the struggle.

Save as a PDF (keep the PSD file just in case) and please name it lastname_roarposter.pdf

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