MapleBarLet’s pretend we’re a graphic design firm, and we’ve had a slew of clients contact us for re-branding of their business.  This is a massive overhauling, but it will redefine how a business looks and hopefully bring in more traffic.

You will becoming up with a business and creating a design portfolio containing:

[PLEASE NOTE: I’m re-linking some of the content, so you may need to check back for the examples to be loaded.]

  • A base logo
    • 1000x1000px or 1000x1500px, 300 dpi, transparent background
    • Uses a 2-3 color scheme
    • Incorporates what the business does (i.e., Burger King has a bun in its logo)
    • Unique font combination
      • Appropriate font selection (A security company wouldn’t use script)
      • One serif/one sans-serif
    • A slogan
    • My example is above
    • Design brief, written as a professional letter (including heading, addressing, and closing): In writing, you need to explain your thought process behind the base logo.  Topics that need to be covered:
      • Why this design?
      • Why these colors?
      • Why these fonts?
      • Why this slogan?
      • How did your incorporate what the business does?
      • What does this logo say to the customer?
      • How is it appropriate for this business?
  • A letterhead
    • 8.5×11″, 300 dpi, white background
    • Top design, incorporate base logo,  8.5×2″
    • Bottom design: contact info 8.5×1″
    • Include slogan
    • Example here
  • Business Promo T-shirt
    Incorporate your base logo

    • Include a related graphic
    • Include slogan
    • T-shirt should be the same as one of the base colors (saves on ink!)
    • Take the design and make a mock up of your shirt for an example.
    • Here’s an example
  • Magazine Ad
    • 8.5×11″, 300 dpi background of your choice
    • Flashy
    • Includes base logo
    • Includes slogan
    • Audience-appropriate
  • Van Wrap
    • I’ll give you the filemaple van
    • Incorporate your base design
    • Make it flashy and attractive
      • Include a background
    • Includes contact info
    • Includes slogan
    • Here’s the van file
    • Use a layer mask
  • Portfolio sheet
    • The collection of your designs on a 8.5×11″ sheet
    • Each Image labeled
    • Your Logo write-up included
  • Pitch
    • Bring a copy of your portfolio for each member (18)
    • 4 Minute presentation
      • 2 minutes on your base logo, it’s meaning, why its effective
      • 2 minutes on how you applied it to the other aspects of the portfolio
    • Treat this as a sales pitch, convince us of why your idea is dynamic, we should go with your design.  You should be enthusiastic and professional, using design-specific language.


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