Ho-ho-holiday Card

It’s that time of the year when card companies make billions of dollars off holiday cards.  People spend a ton of money on pre-made cards or even more on custom cards online.  With the skills you’ve learned so far, you could do this for your family, or even better yet, do this for someone else as a designer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sizing Guides (Pick either a flat card or an ornate card) – Found in our turn-in folder under Holiday Card
  • Digital Papers – Found in our turn-in folder
  • Family picture
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Scalloped edges


  • Multiple name layers
  • Use at least 3 digital papers
  • Some sort of ribbon effect
  • Use of shadowing
  • Front and back design that match

Example – The card I made (in the photoshop class) for last year, it’s a double-sided 3×3″ flat card:

Make an apple!

Today’s Objective:

I will be able to create a realistic object starting from scratch in Photoshop using only the basic colors and settings within the program. I will know I have been successful when I have created an realistic apple that has shape, texture, color and reflective properties of a real apple.

Try this tutorial on how to make a realistic looking apple: