9 Shades

We’re going to utilize the photo editing tools we just learned about and demonstrate it in this project.

You’ll need a portrait of a person, this picture needs to be in color.

9 Shades – Example


  1. Copy the portrait you found
  2. Open a new document and paste the picture
  3. Now you’re going to math a little bit: change the canvas size, multiplying both the height and width by 3. For example, if your picture is 200 x 200, it will become 600 x 600.
  4. Lock your original picture, we won’t be changing it at all. It should be dead center on the canvas.
  5. From here on out, you’ll be using your creativity from here on out… you’ll duplicate the original 8 times.
    1. With each one, you’ll be augmenting the look of it using adjustment layers.
    2. Please, do not do more than 2 black/white adjustments.
    3. We should see the changes between the pictures, it should be obvious, but not look unrealistic.

      9 Shades - Example desctiptions

      9 Shades – Example descriptions

  6. Using Google Docs, document and write up the changes you did for each picture variation. This should be written with your best writing, with spelling, grammar, and conventions being graded.
  7. Under the turn-in folder, create a folder with your last name, saving the image as a .jpg and the document as a .pdf (you can download it as such from Docs).
  8. Please reference the sample documents

Spring Sports Program

We’ve been commissioned to create the spring sports program cover for CGHS athletics.  That means that the winning design will be seen by anyone who attends a spring sport. This will be due on Friday of finals week.

The requirements:

  1. 8.5″ wide by 11″ tall, 300 dpi, transparent background (10 points):

    • 1/2″ bleed area
  2. Needs to include the text (with appropriate fonts) (35 points):
    • Spring Sports
    • 2018
    • CGHS
    • Track & Field
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Golf
  3. Graphics (20):
    • Example: CG, Lion, the building, unifying graphic, etc.
  4. Include in small text at the very bottom: Designed by [your names] in the CGHS Graphic Design (5 points)
  5. Optional things to include:
    • The CG logo
    • Twitter Logo plus Athletics username: @cgathletics
  6. The design needs to (30 points):
    • Demonstrate at least one design concept
    • Include all required items
    • Text must be engaged, balanced (fonts) and spellchecked
    • Demonstrate creativity

The winning design will be used for the official CGHS spring sports program.  Good luck and good designing!

Make your own composite picture

Much like the pagoda tutorial, you’re going to create your own composite creation using multiple sources and blending techniques, such as layer masks.

Original Composite Example (by Allie Gifford)


  • Comprised of 6 separate images (30 points)
  • Must include at least one building (10 points)
  • Must include at least one geographic feature (10 points)
  • Must include at least one animal (10 points)
  • Each piece must fit in and look realistic (i.e., don’t place a rhino running at the beach) (10 points)
  • Shows depth (Example: the pagoda had the plants in front, mountain in the way back) (5 points)
  • Utilize layer masks (5 points)
  • Utilize varied blending modes (10 points)
  • Blended to look like it’s always been together (10 points)

Consider the different techniques used in the Pagoda tutorial, those will support you well.

Turn in one JPG file, named: YourLastName-Composite.jpg (100 points total)